"Drive Sales Faster With A High-Converting Explainer Video On Your Website"

If you are frustrated how your offer is performing - then get a powerful explainer video crafted using the psychology of influence to do the presentation for you.


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"Within seconds, a video from The Magnetic Pitch starts to capture attention, connect to the needs of your viewer, builds trust and inspire action on your website."


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Have you noticed lately...

That the majority of post on Facebook is now video? That's no accident - companies like Facebook, Instagram, Pinetrest and Twitter, this year alone had taken major steps in dominating this space.

Because people simply engage more with video! A great video can:

  • Quickly explain the benefits of your product, service or message (especially If it's complicated).
  • Motivate and inspire viewers who are ready and willing to say, "Yes!"
  • Get more people clicking the buy button on your website.

And that’s what we want - For someone to land on your website, watch your video, click the buy button and pay you →

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“Our website magnet has since brought in 32 new clients, filled up slots during our slower days and consistently sell more products on the back-end of our business. I’m so excited!”

Amy Ho
Fancy Cuts

“We often need investment capital for our projects and go through lots of meetings where we have to pitch. The Magnetic Pitch helped us put together a deck that makes it much easier to get investor interest.”

Frank Zondlo
Virtual Safety
Need a few more things to tie your video marketing together? We got you.

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So you got a video but now want to super-charge it's effectiveness? We'll help you discover the combination of items you may need to truly get the most from your marketing.

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